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Mailbox Full? Options to Consider

There are options to consider when you hit the upper limit of email storage.

  1. Duplicate your mailbox.  Name the duplicated one emailaddressarchive@yourdomain.  Clean out your existing mailbox.  If this is a daunting task for you due to your folder structure, AccuNet can help.  It is an hourly fee.
  2. Set up email archiving on your domain.  This service copies every email received and sent for EVERY mailbox (no exceptions) for a domain.

    The Archive administrator has access to all email for all mailboxes and can set up additional users that can view specific search criteria (like an email address or search phrase.) The search function is fast and dependable.

    Why Do I Need Email Archiving?
    Compliance building – Email Retention is a key component of any effective compliance plan. Let Email Archiving help you build a corporate compliance policy that scales to keep you covered.

    Legal preparedness – Don’t wait for a subpoena to discover the value of email archiving. Power your email with Email Archiving technology to proactively prepare your organization for e-discovery.

    Message recovery – Has a user accidentally deleted an email? Don’t worry, with one click administrators can forward the messages of any individual user back to that user’s inbox, eliminating stress over lost or deleted emails.

    Disaster recovery and business continuity – How safe is your email? With Email Archiving your messages stay safe and accessible from 2 data centers at opposite sides of the United States.

    Set up bcc archiving on your mailbox

  3. Set up bcc archiving on your mailbox.  This service allows you to choose which mailboxes you copy all incoming/outgoing email.

AccuNet sets up a new mailbox dedicated for archiving email addresses you designate. A copy of all email sent and received by these specified mailboxes is saved in the archive mailbox – in its INBOX.  Like Email Archiving, there are set up and ongoing costs to implement.

Set up: We need to quote you AccuNet’s time. It takes minutes to create the BCC archive mailbox and point your employee’s mailboxes to it. However, most companies want past emails that reside on the mail server to be copied into their archive. Some companies request that email rules be set up to help organize the email. With no rules, all email lands in the INBOX.

Ongoing: $20/year for the archive mailbox plus $20/year for each mailbox chosen for BCC.

Important points to understand about BCC archiving.

An archive mailbox can hold messages from multiple other mailboxes, however, it is subject to the 25GB limit.

Once an archive mailbox is full, an additional mailbox would be required, incurring additional setup and annual fee.

The archive mailbox is a regular mailbox. If you access it through webmail you will use RackMail’s search bar to find the needed email message. Anyone who has used this search bar in webmail understands that it isn’t great.

If you use an email client, like Outlook, you could set up the archive mailbox on the email client and use its search capability. However, then your email client might slow down if you if you have it open this mailbox automatically.

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