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We Suggest Every Website Have These Pages

AccuNet Web Services recommends that you seek legal council regarding Internet laws that are applicable to your organization and industry. That said, there are a few documents that we feel are prudent to create and publish on your website.  Below are examples taken from our own website.  We are not implying that you should copy these documents.  We do not have the legal expertise for such suggestion.  They are being shared as examples only.

Terms of Service

Privacy Policy

ADA Compliance

Once you create your documents AccuNet will help you create a page and link them as desired.

More About the Privacy Policy

It is important to note that our forms have the ability to keep contact information on the backend.  Therefore we strongly suggest you have a privacy policy listed on the website.  While a privacy policy is not yet legally required, we think it prudent to be ahead of the requirement. We also recommend that you consider legal counsel to insure your policy is legally correct for your use.

AccuNet will create a page and link on your website where ever you request to post this policy at launch, or later.  All we need is for you to send us the content and location information.


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